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Welcome to the most tangible part of NL Space Campus: the physical location in Noordwijk.

NL Space Campus houses key players in the Dutch space industry and is a great place to work, meet, get inspired and grow your business. Right now, big steps are made to further develop the NL Space Campus area.

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Great place to work

Here you’ll find a unique mix of knowledge institutes, international companies, world-class facilities in ESA’s technical centre ESTEC, the successful incubator SBIC, R&D and data, and competencies that enable our ecosystem members and partners to create value and impact – smarter, better, and faster.

Great place to visit

Schiphol International airport is just 20 min away, Rotterdam The Hague airport just 30 min and the Campus can be easily reached by car or public transport. NL Space Campus welcomes over 100.000 international business visitors a year. Plus, with Space Expo, another 100.000 space enthusiasts, primary schools and families. Among the many schoolchildren, international students and young graduates that visit our inspiring and exciting area, we like to think, are the people who are tomorrow’s top talents.

Great place to live

NL Space Campus is located in the coastal city of Noordwijk, in the Zuid Holland region of The Netherlands. The area has both spatial and economic qualities to offer, making it a great place to live. Just a short walk or bike ride away from the campus you’ll find our country’s most beautiful beach, a hotspot where you can surf, enjoy the dunes and sea view, or visit one of the many beach clubs and restaurants. And a bike ride away the historical centre of Leiden.

Campus Facilities

NL Space Campus offers facilities aimed to stimulate accidental meetings, technical facilities to support your business, to facilities to help you with an optimal work & private time balance.

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    Technical facilities to support your business
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    Meeting facilities and facilities aimed to stimulate chance encounters
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    Facilities and services for an optimal work & life balance

Available spaces

Short and long-term lease workspaces, places to meet with small or larger groups, or the perfect solution to host your event – it’s all possible at NL Space Campus!

Next to the world-class test facilities at ESTEC, we also enjoy a growing availability of small spaces for hardware testing (shaker, thermal cycle), assembly and integration rooms.

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    Workspaces From desk to a complete office
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    Meeting rooms Inspiring meeting rooms for small and large groups
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    Testing, assembly and integration rooms There are spaces available for hardware testing, assembly and integration rooms

Campus Development

‘Room for growth’ and ‘never a dull moment’ are our key phrases for the coming years! We adopted a market-driven approach for extending the (shared) facilities on the Campus, continuously matched by attracting both upstream and downstream players.

Current elements already in planning & permit phase are:

  • a full-size key events plaza with 500m2 outdoor covered space
  • a FabLab (spanning from electronics integration work, design space to 3D printing and machining, small clean room and shaker facility)

Preparing procurement procedure for:

  • a Basecamp with extended affordable office space and professional catering

  • a larger AIT facility

On top of that, plans are being prepared for the development of two prime office buildings in between the existing ATG and Satellite building.

Discover your opportunities

We have opportunities for talents, start-ups, scale-ups and businesses to work at or locate to the Campus. If you are interested in the benefits of being a part of NL Space Campus, let’s talk and discuss your wishes and our possibilities.

Raoul Voeten
Raoul Voeten

Commercial programme Manager

+31 71 203 2000 info@nlspacecampus.eu